Sound-absorbing Panel

Plant Room Wall Insulation
Acoustic Metal Panels

Introducing ISTIQ Plant Room Wall Insulation - the perfect solution for controlling noise in industrial environments. Our Acoustic Metal Panels are designed specifically for industrial applications such as engine rooms, blower and compressor rooms, and workshop areas.

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ISTIQ Acoustic Perforated Timber Panels
Trapping Sound Waves in the Perforation 

Elevate your space with the unmatched beauty and superior sound quality of ISTIQ Acoustic Perforated Timber Panels.

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ISTIQ Acoustic Fabric Panel
Control Echoes with Ease

Transform your space into a haven of clarity and comfort with ISTIQ Acoustic Fabric Panels. At ISTIQ Noise Control, we understand the importance of pristine sound quality, whether for focused work, enjoying media, or engaging in clear conversations.

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