About Us

Our products are exported to

Australia (Perth & Brisbane), Papua New Guinea, South Korea, UAE, QATAR, Bahrain, India, Brunei, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Sudan, Maldives

ISTIQ Origin & History

The name ISTIQ finds its origin in the Arabic word "istiqamah," which embodies the essence of "persistence in practicing virtue." Inspired by this profound concept of unwavering commitment to moral values, ISTIQ Noise Control Sdn Bhd was established, channeling this very principle into our business operations. Since our inception in 1995, we have consistently and persistently striven to enhance our products and services, adhering to the principles of istiqamah.

Over the years, our unwavering dedication to this ethos has enabled us to ascend to a prominent position in the realms of Industrial Acoustic, Building Acoustics, and Soundproofing Products. Our comprehensive services encompass the supply, design, fabrication, and installation of various acoustic projects

About Us

ISTIQ Noise Control specializes in effectively managing noise across a range of applications, including Generator Sets, Blowers, Compressors, Press Machines, and HVAC systems. Our expertise consistently meets or surpasses the standards set by the Malaysian Department of Environment (DOE) and Department of Safety and Health (DOSH).

On top of that, We excel in crafting music rooms, studios, lecture halls, and auditoriums, taking immense pride in our workmanship and the high level of satisfaction expressed by nearly all our clients.

Beyond these endeavors, we offer services in Noise Measurement and securing approvals from the DOE.

ISTIQ Specialisation

Established in 1997, ISTIQ Fabrication, our subsidiary, focuses on fabricating our acoustic products. Its primary goals include adopting cutting-edge manufacturing technology for cost-effectiveness while ensuring our products maintain the highest standards to meet local and global demands.

Our products are widely utilized in Malaysia and Singapore, extending our presence to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Maldives, and Angola. We're honored to receive recognition from esteemed customers such as Matsushita, Shell, Hewlett Packard, Petronas, Volvo, Tractors, and Siemens. Our unwavering commitment to offering top-tier service and support remains unparalleled.

ISTIQ Quality Policy

At ISTIQ GROUP, we strive to Design, to Manufacture, To Install and To Supply the Best product and Services to our customers through:

  • High commitment on implementing Quality Management System

  • Strive to improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015.

  • To ensure quality objectives at all levels are reviewed and improved on a continually basis.

  • Committed to meet the needs and expectations of internal and external parties.

  • Support our vision and mission as the strategic direction within the organization.

  • We shall continually improve our quality management system for continuing suitability.
Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Employees are our invaluable assets. We are committed to provision, maintenance and continuous improvement of safe and health working environment and to comply with legal and other requirement related to health, safety and environment.

Occupational Health, Safety & Environment Objective

Working towards Zero accidents, occupational diseases and environmental pollutions:

  • Provide sufficient resources for the implementation of Occupational Health, Safety & Environment programs.

  • Implementing effective Health, Safety & Environment Management System Jobs at all times.

  • Minimize risks to Health, Safety & Environment levels as low as possible and reasonable to practice.