Acoustic Simulation using ODEON Software

Architectural Design had evolved dramatically over hundreds of years, affecting the interior design including shapes and design concepts of halls. Not only different shapes of halls directly affect how the sound behaves within them, the finishing materials used have significant effect on the acoustics too. The combination of these two main factors will not only result in various interior designs, but endless and complicated variations of how the hall sounds.

From shoebox design to vineyard seating arrangements, hall designers and acousticians had been rubbing shoulders in coming out with the best in both fields, aesthetic design and acoustics. To keep this symbiotic working culture alive and running in our country, ISTIQ takes part by acquiring an internationally renowned Acoustical Simulation Software, ODEON.

With ODEON, ISTIQ engineers are able to make sure that even complicated hall design proposed by Architects and venue owners alike, will not result in poor acoustics. ODEON users can in fact see how the sound behave in a particular hall, and listen to it before the physical construction takes place; Thanks to ODEON™s powerful room impulse response convolution technology.

We provide Acoustic Testing to determine the sound transmission as well as reverberation testing. We uses suitable measurement sound level meters analyzer complementary with dodecahedron (10 directions) speaker as sound emitter to simulate noise coming from all directions.

Acoustic Simulation using Odoen              

Below is a sample of ODEON simulation report:-

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