Reverberation Measurement RT60 & Transmission Loss Test

Based on International Standards, ISTIQ is able to cater on-site acoustical measurements. Particularly in Architectural Acoustics, most popular tests are as the followings:

1. Reverberation Time RT60 - a parameter showing how reverberant a room is, i.e. the time taken for a sound level to reduce by 60dB in second (s). It indicates the general acoustical quality of a room that affects speech intelligibility, liveliness, loudness, etc. RT60 is classified in a range of preferre
d values depending on the room’s application, while not being necessarily better with lower value.

2. Transmission Lost TL - a parameter showing how isolated a noise source is in a room, with its adjacent spaces. Generally, higher TL value indicating higher soundproofing quality of a system, is better.

ISTIQ offers the service of physical measurements as listed, a report showing comparison before and after certain renovations, and even professional proposal should an existing system needs enhancements.

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