Hall Acoustical System

Hall Acoustical System

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Hall Acoustical System

Many halls in the country were constructed without considering acoustics in-depth. Consequently, owners of existing halls had to spend a lot more to solve acoustical issues, compared to those who considered acoustical design from the beginning. Whether intended for corporate events, entertainment, or seminars, halls can lose their value and function if acoustical problems are not effectively addressed. Common acoustical problems in halls include echoes, flutter echoes, and excessive reverberation time.
If you're struggling with hall acoustics problems, ISTIQ has the perfect solution for you. With our powerful tool, you can expect to resolve your issues with ease and efficiency. Trust us to take care of the acoustics, while you focus on what matters. Our key to producing excellent acoustical design for halls is a class-leading acoustical simulation software, ODEON. With our experience with ODEON, we can assist architects with new hall projects or help owners of existing acoustically problematic halls.
Hall acoustic design is just the beginning, and ISTIQ is ready to take responsibility as a one-stop acoustical system provider. With our dedicated metal and timber-based factories, we can fabricate, install, and test the acoustical system your hall needs.

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