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ISTIQ Exhaust Silencers
Silently Muffling Exhaust Gas

ISTIQ Exhaust Silencers, commonly known as generator mufflers, are essential components to help reduce the noise produced by combustion through exhaust emissions. Without a silencer, the noise generated by the engine's exhaust can be extremely loud and disruptive to the environment.

Exhaust silencers work by reflecting and canceling sound waves of specific frequencies. They are designed to create a chamber tuned to reflect and cancel out the noise produced by the engine, resulting in a quieter overall experience. 

When selecting an exhaust silencer, it is crucial to ensure the targeted noise level is met without exceeding the allowable pressure drop. This is a critical requirement for an effective exhaust silencer selection, as it ensures that the silencer will perform its intended function without negatively impacting the engine's performance.

ISTIQ Exhaust Silencer Models

Istiq Exhaust Silencers are used in oil & gas, power generation, and other industries. ISTIQ EXHAUST SILENCER comes in standard, stock silencers for general-purpose applications and custom models to fit most OEM engines. These include:

MODEL IXP - Multi-Chamber Reactive Type Attenuation - 30 dB

MODEL IXS - Straight Through Absorptive Type Attenuation - 20 dB

MODEL IXC - Supercritical or Combination Attenuation - 35 dB

Our exhaust silencers are effective in noise reduction and are built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. Constructed from heavy gauge, hot rolled cold quenched sheet steel and featuring all welded construction, they are designed for durability. Internal components are meticulously stiffened and braced, minimizing resonances and preventing vibration-induced fatigue. Compatibility is key, so we offer flanges to Table C or ANSI standards and threaded pipe ends in BSP or metric threads. Maintenance is made easy with standard-fitted drain plugs for condensate removal.

Superior Finish Superior Protection
To ensure lasting performance, all external surfaces of our silencers are finished with high-quality silicone-based, heat-resistant aluminum paint. This special coating guarantees protection against corrosion and withstands temperatures up to 600°C, maintaining the integrity and appearance of the silencer over time.

Engineering Simulation
At ISTIQ, we've harnessed the power of advanced simulation software to redefine precision in noise level and pressure drop calculation. Our engineers, seasoned through years of dedicated practice, have mastered the intricacies of this technology, enabling us to offer you predictions and guarantees. The confidence in our calculations means you can sidestep the costly and time-consuming cycle of trial and error. Partner with ISTIQ and embrace the assurance of cost-effective, expertly validated solutions that stand to revolutionize your project outcomes.

Take The Next Step Toward A Quieter Future
Don't let noise pollution hinder your operation's potential. Choose ISTIQ Exhaust Silencers for an efficient, compliant, and quieter environment. Contact us today for more information or to discuss custom solutions tailored to your needs.

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Model IXP: Multi-Chamber Reactive Type. Attenuation - Up to 30dB

Model IXS: Straight Through Absorptive Type. Attenuation - Up to 20dB

Model IXC: Straight Through Absorptive Type. Attenuation - Up to 35dB

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