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Acoustic Operable Walls

A space management essential, ISTIQ Acoustic Operable Walls be a perfect tool in maximizing the value and multipurpose-ness of your precious space, by partitioning them WITHOUT sacrificing soundproofing integrity. Some people also call acoustics operable walls as Operable Wall Partitions and acoustic folding partitions.
Model Number Acoustic Performance (STC) Applications
OW 100A 48-52 dB Convention Halls
OW 100B 43-47 dB Lecture Rooms
OW 96 36-42 dB Meeting Rooms
OW 85 32-35 dB Classrooms
  • Acoustic Performance - 32 - 52 dB (NIC 44 for ASTM E336-90, ISO 140-4)
  • Adjacent Accessibility - PASS DOORS can be fitted to OW Series
  • Storage Flexibility - ‘T’ or ‘X’ JUNCTIONS fits every floor layout
  • RETRACTABLE ACOUSTIC SEAL; Top, Bottom, & ‘Nose’ Side

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