Audiometric Booth
Audiometric Booth
Audiometric Booth
Audiometric Booth
Audiometric Booth
Audiometric Booth
Audiometric Booth
Audiometric Booth
Audiometric Booth
Audiometric Booth
Audiometric Booth
Audiometric Booth
Audiometric Booth

Audiometric Booth

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ISTIQ Audiometric Booth
Reliable Hearing Evaluations

Audiometry, the art of measuring one's hearing capabilities, employs an elegant tool known as an audiometer. This device gently assesses your auditory health by sending sounds of various volumes and pitches through headphones and a special apparatus that rests comfortably beside your ear. The nuances of your hearing are then meticulously charted on an audiogram, providing a clear picture of your auditory landscape.

Understanding the importance of early and regular hearing assessments cannot be overstated. Such evaluations are pivotal in unveiling any auditory concerns promptly, thereby averting potential long-term harm. Monitoring your hearing over time can detect subtle shifts in your auditory capacity early, allowing for timely intervention.

We proudly present the ISTIQ Audiometric Booth, your premier choice for precise and trustworthy hearing assessments. Crafted with precision, our booth is an oasis of tranquility, designed to shield you from external noises, thus ensuring the accuracy of each test conducted within its walls. Patients and testers are greeted with a serene atmosphere, thanks to the thoughtful integration of optimal ventilation and soothing lighting. Our booth placement is a matter of strategic importance, and our dedicated team is committed to collaborating with you to find the ideal location, guaranteeing its peak performance.


Choose ISTIQ for your audiometric testing requirements and experience the pinnacle of auditory evaluation technology. Secure your ISTIQ Audiometric Booth today and embrace the future of hearing health.

 Features:     Applications:
•    50mm Powder Coated Perforated GI Panels
•    High-Density Acoustical Infill & Damping Material
•    Structurally Reinforced Floor with Carpet
•    DOSH Compliant
•    SIRIM Certified
•    Optional Features
  •    Hospitals
•    Medical Centers
•    Factories
•    Industrial Testing Stations
•    Administration Areas

ISTIQ Audiometric Booth & Audiometric Room have two important stages to achieve the required specifications. Firstly, it is necessary to determine the background noise levels. Then, the type of room that will be implemented will be selected. The selected room should provide ample noise reduction to reduce internal noise to those prescribed by The Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).

The sound pressure level of the proposed location of an audiometric room must be measured. This includes measuring each test tone of octave band center frequencies. The type of audiometric room can be selected from the measurement, whether a single or double wall panel. The Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) has specified that the maximum allowable sound level inside the Audiometric Booth & Room is as follows:

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