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Blowing Air with Silence

At Istiq, we understand the importance of maintaining a quiet and efficient workspace. That's why we offer a range of Blower Silencers, also known as air compressor mufflers, designed to reduce the noise of compressors or blowers during operation significantly. Our silencers come in various styles, including tubular silencers, breather vent filters, and filter silencers, catering to diverse needs.

Why Use ISTIQ Silencers?

Our silencers are essential for both pressure and vacuum applications. They are installed at positive displacement blowers' inlet and discharge points to minimize noise and vibration. This not only creates a more pleasant environment but also enhances the performance of your equipment.

Choosing the Right Silencer

Selecting the perfect silencer involves considering several factors:

  • Size and Type: Determined by the required noise reduction, allowable pressure drop, and flow rate. The choice depends on the blower's specifications and the desired decrease in noise levels.
  • Efficiency: An optimal discharge silencer maintains an internal volume-to-blower displacement ratio of 18 to 1, ensuring effective noise control.
  • Application: The blower speed influences the model selection. For lower speeds, a multi-chamber type is advisable for maximum noise mitigation.

Types of Silencers:

  • Reactive Chamber Type: Targets the noise and vibration from pressure pulses.
  • Chamber Absorptive Type: Uses absorption techniques for noise reduction.
  • Reactive & Absorptive Type: Combines both methods for superior noise and vibration control.

Engineering Simulation

At ISTIQ, we've harnessed advanced simulation software's power to redefine noise level and pressure drop calculation precision. Our engineers, seasoned through years of dedicated practice, have mastered the intricacies of this technology, enabling us to offer you predictions and guarantees. The confidence in our calculations means you can sidestep the costly and time-consuming cycle of trial and error. Partner with ISTIQ and embrace the assurance of cost-effective, expertly validated solutions that stand to revolutionize your project outcomes.

Let's Talk!

Ready to enhance your workspace with effective noise control? Contact us to find the perfect blower silencer solution tailored to your needs. Contact us via email or WhatsApp today, and let's make your environment quieter and more productive.

•    Heavy gauge, hot rolled, cold quenched sheet steel
•    Flanges (Table C or ANSI)
•    Threaded ends (BSP or SI)
•    Drain Plugs
•    Heat-resistant aluminum paint
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