Acoustic and Fire Rated Timber Door
Acoustic and Fire Rated Timber Door
Acoustic and Fire Rated Timber Door
Acoustic and Fire Rated Timber Door
Acoustic and Fire Rated Timber Door
Acoustic and Fire Rated Timber Door
Acoustic and Fire Rated Timber Door

Acoustic and Fire Rated Timber Door

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ISTIQ Acoustic Fire-Rated Timber Doors
Two-in-One Door

Dual Functionality, Singular Excellence
The traditional approach of installing separate doors for fire safety and noise control is costly and cumbersome. ISTIQ Acoustic Fire Rated Timber Doors eliminate this need, offering a dual-purpose solution that saves space, simplifies installation, and cuts costs without compromising quality. Experience the convenience and confidence of having one door that expertly combines fire resistance with soundproofing capabilities.

Discover Unmatched Safety and Silence
In today's high-stakes commercial and industrial environments, the demand for advanced, multifunctional infrastructure solutions has never been more critical. ISTIQ introduces a pioneering solution that harmonizes safety with serenity: the Acoustic Fire Rated Timber Door. Engineered for excellence, our doors are not just an entryway but a gateway to unparalleled peace of mind and acoustic comfort.

Why Choose ISTIQ Acoustic Fire-Rated Timber Doors?
Certified Superiority: Our doors are a testament to quality and reliability, fire-tested under MS 1073, and proudly certified by SIRIM. With a fire rating of 70 minutes for integrity and insulation, ISTIQ doors ensure a safer environment for everyone inside. Further endorsement by BOMBA solidifies our commitment to your security.

Exceptional Acoustic Performance: Designed with meticulous attention to sound control, our doors achieve a maximum sound transmission class of STC 45 for single-leaf and STC 30 for double-leaf configurations. Tested under ISO 10140-2:2010, ISTIQ doors offer superior sound attenuation, making them perfect for environments where noise reduction is paramount.

Enduring Durability: Subject to rigorous 100,000 cyclic endurance tests, our doors promise performance and persistence. Durability meets design in every ISTIQ door, ensuring a long-lasting solution that withstands the test of time and usage.

Innovative Design: Our custom-made door frames are crafted for their aesthetic appeal and functional prowess. Equipped with gasket seals versatile enough for acoustic and fire functions, these frames exemplify our innovative approach to problem-solving.

Embrace the ISTIQ Difference
Choosing ISTIQ Acoustic Fire Rated Timber Doors means opting for a solution that embodies innovation, integrity, and intelligence. Our doors are more than barriers; they bridge a safer, quieter world. With ISTIQ, you're not just installing a door but elevating your standards.

Ready to Transform Your Space?
Discover how ISTIQ Acoustic Fire Rated Timber Doors can redefine your environment. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can tailor our solutions to meet your unique needs. Elevate your standards with ISTIQ—where safety meets serenity.


  • STC 37 Single Leaf with 1-Hour Fire Rating
  • STC 45 Single Leaf 1-Hour Fire Rating
  • STC 30 Double Leaf 1 Hour Fire Rating
  • SIRIM certified
  • Fire tested and rated for 70 minutes under MS 1073
  • Single rebate metal frame
  • Acoustic Laboratory Tested ISO 10140
  • Airport Services
  • Broadcasting
  • Office & Residential Buildings
  • Schools
  • Healthcare
  • Industry
  • Law Enforcement
  • Hotel Entrance Room

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