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ISTIQ Spark Arrester
Eliminate Noise and Hazards

In a world where the roar of diesel generators disrupts the peace of our workspaces and communities, the quest for quiet has never been more critical. It is a solution that silences the clamor and safeguards your environment from hazardous sparks and emissions. ISTIQ Spark Arrester, a groundbreaking innovation designed specifically for Diesel Generator Sets, is poised to eliminate hazards and noise at the same time. 

Revolutionary Design, Unmatched Performance

ISTIQ Spark Arrester is not just any noise control solution. It's a testament to engineering excellence and a commitment to environmental stewardship. Here's why:

  • Advanced Stationary Impeller Design: Effortlessly separates solid matter and exhaust slugs, achieving remarkable cleaning efficiency.
  • Noise Reduction Mastery: Experience tranquility with up to 30 dB noise reduction, thanks to its sophisticated snubbing section that dissipates exhaust energy without compromising gas flow.
  • Robust Construction: Crafted from heavy gauge cold quenched sheet steel, all components are stiffened and braced to withstand resonances and vibration-induced fatigue.
  • Universal Compatibility: Comes with flanges that meet Table C or ANSI requirements and threaded pipe ends to BSP or SI threads, ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup.
  • Maintenance Made Easy: Equipped with drain plugs for removal of condensate and finished with high-quality silicone-based heat-resistant aluminum paint for durability up to 600ºC.

•    IXSA 
•    Heavy gauge, hot rolled, cold quenched sheet steel
•    Flanges (Table C or ANSI)
•    Threaded ends (BSP or SI)
•    Drain Plugs
•    Heat-resistant aluminum paint

•    Diesel Engines
•    Blowers
•    Vacuum Pumps
•    Compressors

Engineering Simulation

At ISTIQ, we've harnessed advanced simulation software's power to redefine noise level and pressure drop calculation precision. Our engineers, seasoned through years of dedicated practice, have mastered the intricacies of this technology, enabling us to offer you predictions and guarantees. The confidence in our calculations means you can sidestep the costly and time-consuming cycle of trial and error. Partner with ISTIQ and embrace the assurance of cost-effective, expertly validated solutions that stand to revolutionize your project outcomes.

Take Action for a Quieter and Safer Tomorrow

Embrace the future of noise control and environmental protection with ISTIQ Spark Arrester. Whether you're looking to enhance workplace productivity, protect sensitive environments, or enjoy the sound of silence, ISTIQ is your partner in making it happen.

Don't let noise dictate your life. Contact us today via email or WhatsApp to discover how the ISTIQ Spark Arrester can eliminate noise and hazards. Experience the difference, improve performance, and enjoy a safer environment. The time to act is now—upgrade your equipment and embrace a quieter, safer tomorrow with ISTIQ.

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