Audiometric Room
Audiometric Room
Audiometric Room
Audiometric Room
Audiometric Room
Audiometric Room
Audiometric Room
Audiometric Room
Audiometric Room
Audiometric Room
Audiometric Room
Audiometric Room
Audiometric Room

Audiometric Room

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ISTIQ Audiometric Rooms
Setting The Standard

An audiometric room, or auditory examination room, is designed to provide an environment for accurate audiometric testing that meets the noise standards set by the DOSH or Department of Safety and Health. Many audiologists rely on ISTIQ Audiometric Rooms to comply with these noise standards.

Early detection through routine audiometric evaluations is pivotal in promptly addressing auditory concerns and preventing irreversible impairment. Consistent monitoring enables the timely identification of fluctuations in hearing acuity, thereby facilitating proactive measures to safeguard auditory health and well-being.

What is the Difference Between an Audiometric Room and an Audiometric Booth?

ISTIQ Audiometric Room

An audiometric room is a dedicated space within a building that is acoustically treated to minimize external noise interference and ensure accurate hearing assessments. It may be a part of a larger clinic or healthcare facility. These rooms are typically designed to meet standards for sound isolation, reverberation control, and background noise levels.

Audiometric rooms are often larger and can accommodate multiple testing setups, including audiometers, speakers, and other equipment required for hearing tests. They provide more flexibility in terms of equipment placement and testing procedures.

ISTIQ Audiometric Booth

An audiometric booth is a smaller, self-contained enclosure designed for hearing testing. It is often portable and easily transported or installed in various locations, such as clinics, schools, or workplaces. Audiometric booths are designed to provide a controlled environment for hearing assessments by minimizing external noise and ensuring consistent testing conditions.

ISTIQ Audiometric Room features optimal ventilation and lighting, ensuring the patients' and the testers' comfort during the evaluation. ISTIQ Audiometric Room is suitable for various applications, including hospitals, medical centers, factories, industrial testing stations, and administration areas. 

Whether you're in the healthcare industry or operate in a noisy industrial setting, the ISTIQ Audiometric Room is designed to meet your needs and provide the highest level of noise control. Experience the difference with ISTIQ and elevate your hearing evaluations to new heights. Choose ISTIQ for your audiometric testing requirements!

 Features:     Applications:
•    50mm & 100mm Wall Panels
•    High-Density Acoustical Infill & Damping Material
•    Structurally Reinforced Floor with Carpet
•    DOSH Compliant
•    SIRIM Certified
•    High Customizability & Optional Features
  •    Hospitals
•    Medical Centers
•    Factories
•    Industrial Testing Stations
•    Administration Areas


ISTIQ Audiometric Booth & Audiometric Room considers two important stages to achieve the required room specifications. The first is to determine the background noise levels. Then, the type of room that will be implemented will be selected. The room chosen should provide ample noise reduction to reduce internal noise to those prescribed by The Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH). 

The sound pressure level of the proposed location of an audiometric room must be measured. This includes each test tone of octave band center frequencies. The type of audiometric room can be selected from the measurement, whether a single or double wall panel. The Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) has specified that the maximum allowable sound level inside the Audiometric Booth & Room are as follows:

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