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ISTIQ Quiet Space
Noise Isolation Booth

Finding quiet in busy factories and production areas can be very difficult. ISTIQ Quiet Space makes it possible to have a quiet place in the middle of the noise. It's perfect for factories, helping you have meetings, work without noise, and talk even when machines are loud. With ISTIQ Quiet Space, you can have a peaceful spot anytime, making work better and less stressful.


Reducing noise in factories, shops, and public spaces can make these areas more comfortable and safer and help people work better. The most effective way to reduce noise is to tackle it where it starts. However, sometimes, this is not possible. In such cases, the focus shifts to shielding people from the noise. This approach aims to protect individuals from the harmful effects of noise rather than lowering the noise levels themselves. This is crucial for creating a better environment for everyone involved.

Unmatched Portability, Excellent Acoustic Performance
One of the hallmark features of ISTIQ Quiet Space is its portability, allowing for easy relocation without sacrificing sound isolation quality. This mobility, combined with an acoustic performance range of 25-30 dB, ensures that noise is controlled effectively at the receiver's end, protecting individuals from the detrimental effects of constant noise exposure. Whether a temporary setup or a permanent installation, ISTIQ Quiet Space adapts to your needs, offering a consistently peaceful environment.

Who Benefits from ISTIQ Quiet Space?
Manufacturing & Production Staff: Find focus amid machinery and production noise.
Educational Institutions: Provide students with a distraction-free study or testing environment.
Healthcare Professionals: Conduct sensitive audiological exams with confidence.
Corporate Professionals: Embrace confidentiality in every communication.
Recording Artists & Musicians: Achieve flawless recordings without external noise interruptions.


Advantages of Using ISTIQ Quiet Space

Superior Sound Isolation: Dive into an environment where your audio needs are shielded from the world outside.
Modular Design: Our booths are designed to fit seamlessly into any space, offering easy assembly and reconfiguration.
Customizable Interiors: Tailor your Quiet Space with various interior options for maximum comfort and functionality, from lighting to ventilation.

Transform Your Space Today
Ready to embrace the silence? ISTIQ Quiet Space is more than a product; it's a revolution in how we perceive and interact with our environments. Explore our range of models and find the perfect fit for your space and needs.

Take the First Step Towards Tranquility

Contact us to learn more about ISTIQ Quiet Space and how it can transform your work, creativity, and well-being. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal solution for your needs.

Various applications can also be used for:-
1. Recording Studio
2. Voice Over Booth
3. Jamming Studio
4. Practice Room
5. Phone Booth

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