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Genset Room Noise Control

Genset Room Noise Control



Like many types of rotating machinery, reciprocating engine-powered generator sets produce noise and vibration. Whether these generator sets run continuously in prime power applications or only occasionally in standby applications, their operating sound levels often must be reduced to comply with local and government regulations. In Malaysia, the installation of the Diesel Generator Set must get written approval from the Department of Environment (DOE).


Generator set noise is produced by six major sources :-

  1. Engine noise – This is mainly caused by mechanical and combustion forces and typically ranges from 100 dB(A) to 121 dB(A), measured at one meter, depending on the size of the engine.
  2. Radiator Fan noise – This results from the sound of air being moved at high speed across the engine and through the radiator. Its level ranges from 100 dB(A) to 105 (A) dB at one meter.
  3. Alternator noise – This is caused by cooling air and brush friction and ranges from approximately 80 dB(A) to 90 dB(A) at one meter.
  4. Induction noise – This is caused by fluctuations in current in the alternator windings that give rise to mechanical noise that ranges from 80 dB(A) to 90 dB(A) at one meter.
  5. Engine exhaust – Without an exhaust silencer, this ranges from 120 dB(A) to 130 dB(A) or more and is usually reduced by a minimum of 15 dB(A) with a standard silencer.
  6. Structural/mechanical noise – This is caused by the mechanical vibration of various structural parts and components that are radiated as sound.


ISTIQ Intake Silencers/Louvers 

To reduce noise transmission through the air intake openings for the generator room, use ISTIQ Duct Silencer as Intake Silencers

ISTIQ Discharge Silencers/Louvers 

To reduce noise transmission through the air discharge from radiator openings of the generator, use ISTIQ Duct Silencer as Discharge Silencers

ISTIQ Exhaust Silencers/Mufflers 

To reduce noise transmission through the exhaust gas flow, Exhaust Silencers are installed between the exhaust outlet openings of the generator and the end of the exhaust tail pipe. 

ISTIQ Acoustic Doors

A generator room Acoustic Door is to provide sound insulation and prevents the transmission of noise between the generator room and other areas of the building or surrounding environment.

Vibration Isolators 

To reduce noise transmission, Spring or Rubber Isolators are installed under the generator set skid based to reduce the noise transmitted through the floor of the generator room.

ISTIQ Noise Control has the experience in providing solution to the genset room acoustic treatment for almost three decades. With this experiences that we have been in this industry, we are well-equipped to deliver the results you need.

Ranging from the generator set rating from 50kVA up to 3000kVA, with brands like Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, Cummins, MWM, Perkins, Kohler, and many more we are committed to delivering a solution that exceeds your expectations.



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