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Acoustic Canopy/Enclosure

Acoustic Genset Canopy/Enclosure


Acoustic Genset Canopy/Enclosure

Applications Notes

ISTIQ ACOUSTIC CANOPY is designed to comply to the DOE regulation. The canopy are equipped with Discharge, Intake and Exhaust silencers. The noise level is designed to achieved 70 to 75 dB(A) measured at 3 meter away.
In selecting a silencer for a canopy, a balance between noise reduction, pressure drop and heat rejection need to be calculated cautiously By using internally developed software, ISTIQ NOISE CONTROL can help to make the right choice quickly and most importantly, accurately.


Canopy application for housing a generator set has gaining its popularity over the years. This is due to a portability of the set to be from one place to another and furthermore the cost for housing a generator set is cheaper as compare to a normal concrete house.Acoustic Canopy


The internal construction of the canopy panel uses only rockwool and protected with perforated G.I. This construction has proven to be the most cost effective in the long run.
ISTIQ NOISE CONTROL has developed the modular system panel which provides great flexibility at low cost. The panel are standard 65mm thickness, formed from 2.3mm mild steel, inert acoustic infill and galvanised perforated inner sheet steel. The finest quality materials and workmanship ensure that a final solution gives the best in noise control without affecting airflow, operation, maintenance or inspection.
Exhaust pipe which is inside the canopy must be insulated to avoid overheating problem. The exhaust lagging is done by using rockwool as thermal insulation wrapped with aluminium jacketing.
Fuel tank is located at the base frame. The designed therefore will serve dual purposes - acting as a supporting base and fuel tank. The body and the base can be separated for maintenance (genset overhaul) in the future.
Windows, exhaust penetrations, radiators and electrical cables, fitting and fixtures are all standard.

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