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Audiometric Room @ Sound Treated Room

Bilik Audiometrik


Audiometric Room

The function of an Audiometric Room is to provide proper acoustical environment so that tests can be conducted without much interference from outside noise. Therefore, location of where the audiometric room to be placed is the single most important decision for one to make before constructing the Audiometric Room.
ISTIQ Audiometric Room offer the best solutions to overcome the problems in audiometric tests. The room is designed to have adequate ventilation and lighting so the patient and tester will be comfortable during hearing evaluation.


ISTIQ Audiometric Room are suitable for a wide spectrum of applications. It is specially designed to suit everyone's need where noise control is the main concern.
Typical applications are as follows:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical centers
  • Factories
  • Industrial testing stations
  • Administration areas

Selection Guidelines

ISTIQ Audiometric Room considers two important stages to achieve the required room specifications. Firstly, is to determine the background noise levels. Then, the type of room which is going to be implemented will be selected. The room chosen should provide ample noise reduction to bring the internal noise down to those prescribed by The Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH).
Sound pressure level of the proposed location of an audiometric room must be measured. This includes each test tone of octave band center frequencies.
From the measurement, the type of audiometric room can be selected, whether a single or double wall panel.
The Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) has specified that the maximum allowable sound level inside the Audiometric Booth are as follows:


ISTIQ Audiometric Room is fabricated from a 3'' (75mm) thick steel panel which weighs approximately 10lbs per sq ft. This panel has a solid outer surface and perforated inner surface and is filled with high density acoustical fill and damping material.
Inert, heat resistant, non-combustible type of different acoustical fill with different densities is particularly selected to give the optimum overall noise absorption. Floating floor normally will be incorporated at the bottom of the audiometric room to reduce the transmission loss of the noise.

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