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Noise Barrier

Masonry Sound Barrier


Masonry Sound Barrier

  • Scope of work is to supply and delivery noise barrier masonry type to semi encloses the sound emitted from kitchen exhaust fan.
  • Location of barrier proposed is on top of the Hotel roof where the exhaust fan located. Initial sound level before installation is 102 dBA.
  • The height proposed is 3000 mm and length is +-8000 mm with combination of various masonry block which is Flat Face, Bond Beam Block, Column Flat Face, Flutted Block and Acoustic Block.
  • Final result after completion is 74 dBA in front of completed barrier while at lobby area is 56 dBA. 
102dBA  74dBA (at 1m away)
65dBA (at lobby) 56dBA (at lobby)
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Metal Acoustic Barrier


Metal Acoustic Barrier / Sound Barrier

Studies have shown that motor vehicle noise is significant and the construction of traffic noise barriers (sound walls) has been the most effective mechanism to mitigate vehicle noise for residents living next to high density roadways. If there is no obstacle in between the sound source and receiver, sound is transmitted via a direct path. However, if there is a impediments between the source and the receiver, the noise is diffracted above the obstacle and therefore sound is attenuated. Most of the barrier can attenuate the noise level by 10 dB. Although 15 dB reduction is difficult to achieve but it is possible by using a higher structure and better selection of the materials.


ISTIQ ACOUSTIC BARRIER are made from panels. And these panels are made of from galvanised metal sheet, both front and back of the panels. In between, acoustic infill (rockwool or fibre glass) is used to absorb noise. In front of the panels slit punch is applied as to maximize the absorption and at the same time prevent any water to penetrate in the panels. The thickness of these panels is approximately 95 mm thick. Different acoustic infill and different thickness of metal sheet can be used depending on the application to ensure excellent performance and cost effectiveness without sacrificing quality.

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