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Acoustic Windows

Acoustic Windows


ISTIQ Acoustic Windows – the perfect solution for reducing noise pollution in your home or office. Our windows are specially designed to block out unwanted outside noise, while still allowing natural light to filter through. Made with high-quality glass, our acoustic windows feature multiple panes of glass and a special layer of sound-dampening film that effectively blocks out noise from traffic, airplanes, and other external sources. You can enjoy a peaceful and quiet living or working environment. Whether you live on a busy street or near an airport, our windows are the perfect solution for reducing noise pollution and enhancing the comfort and quality of your life. Order yours today and experience the difference that ISTIQ Acoustic Windows can make in your home or office.


  • Powdercoated Aluminum Frame
  • Triple Lock System
  • Acoustic Seals

  • Recording Studios
  • Audio Room
  • Home theater
  • Offices
  • Class Rooms
Acoustics Performance
Thickness Description STC
10.76mm 5mm+0.76PVB+5mm 38
20.76mm 10mm+0.76PVB+10mm 43
25.52mm 3mm+0.76PVB+3mm+12A+3mm+0.76PVB+3mm 43

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