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Acoustic Insulation Work at East Piatu Living Quaters

30 Mar 2016
Acoustic Insulation Work at East Piatu Living Quaters
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Acoustic Insulation Work at East Piatu Living Quaters

Case Scenario

Complain recieved from crew member that they have difficulty to sleep due to noise.


Expert and Specialist were called to investigate the problem and propose a solution.

Expert and Specialist investigate problem Expert and Specialist investigate problem 2

The Problem

The noise source was found to be coming from the compressor which installed without vibration isolators thus create low frequency noise.

Problem from outside 1 Problem from outside 2

However, instead of treating the room, we were asked to treat the staircase which located in the middle of the rooms.

Problem from inside 1 Problem from inside 2

The Proposal

Staircase of living quarters at East Piatu

Proposal to install acoustic panel 1 Proposal to install acoustic panel and reposition stair railing

The Guarantee

We prefer to above request and we are pleased to quote/propose an acoustic insulation work for Stairways at East Piatu Living Quaters.
Expected Noise Reduction: Between 8dB to 10dB

Table expected noise reduce

The Solution

Isometric view 2 Side View 2

1. Above Step
Damping materials c/w Chedler Plate 
2. Below Step
Damping Materials c/w Steel Plate & Rockwool
3. Below Step
Damping Materials c/w Perforated Plate & Rockwool
4. Acoustic Wall Panel 50mm thick (To cover 50% of wall area)

The Installation

Installation process 1

Installation process 2

Installation process 3 Installation process 4

Installation process 5 Installation process 6

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