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Studio Sistem Akustik



ISTIQ Audiobox are specially designed for portable sound proofing applications either for sound recording, mixing and audio production ranging from professional artists to small in-house projects. ISTIQ Audiobox are also suitable to be used as a live room, isolation booths and control rooms where the key goal is to isolate noise and to have the most accurate recording acoustical properties.

ISTIQ Audiobox are also designed to keep sound inside. Thus it is also perfect to be used as a practice room, rehearsal or jammings without interrupting neighbours. With a good ventilation system, users can practice with loud instruments for hours.
1. Recording Studio
2. Voice Over Booth
3. Jamming Studio
4. Practice Room
5. Phone Booth

Sistem Studio Akustik


Studio Acoustical System

As Audio & Video equipments cost much lower than before, the industry of Professional or semi-Professional audio recording becomes significantly accessible to more enthusiasts.

However, the importance of the studio environment, especially on Acoustics is often overlooked, as it is not a tangible matter like the AV hardwares. As one certainly cannot attain an excellent mic-recorded sound with top-of-the-shelf equipments in a bad sounding room, ISTIQ Noise Control is here to help you achieve excellent acoustics from a cost-effective point of view.

Recording facilities are also difficult to be separated from suburban/city areas where large portion of the demand comes from.
High population in these areas translates into the incorporation of Studios into office buildings and multi-story dwellings. Noise disturbance had become a serious issue involving lawsuits, and ISTIQ is ready to provide Soundproofing advice and services to overcome this common yet ill-advised matter.

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